Welcome to the new Wörthless Endeavör Störe

In addition to the standard things you can find at any independent label or small distro, such as records, cd’s, shirts, etc., you’ll find original artwork by Worthless, as well as originals and prints from other artists who share a similar vision.

Worthless Endeavors will offer one of a kind, high quality, artisan crafted items that won’t be found anywhere else, made by life long practitioners of varying occult and religious traditions.

  Artists affiliated with Worthless Endeavors have their own place to present and sell their own work without having to compromise themselves by yielding to the practices and policies of giant websites.

The Worthless Endeavors Store has been built with customer privacy and security being a priority and necessity from the beginning of conception. Precautions taken included two complete wipes of our allotted space on the host’s server, which was established in 2010. This guaranteed that any outdated or vulnerable elements that may or may not have existed in website architecture before April 2015 are now remedied and operating with full protection in place.

Payment options include credit card, Paypal, check, and direct transfer (recommended for larger purchases).

Items are shipped and handled with same care and skill you would expect from the finest galleries, or the finest record dealer. Since 2010, Worthless Endeavors has shipped vinyl all over the world without a single damaged parcel reported.

This way of approaching things is obviously experimental and untested. We will stand apart from the plague of mediocrity in one way or another.